Do you want others to learn and experience how they can achieve a balanced and productive work-life? How they can run their business differently? I have some inspiring session for you. This for your own team, or an audience at a congress or exhibition.


How to get the energy back to a balanced business-life
See from a holistic view what the main criteria are, and how you can use these to change your business-life in a positive way. Topics we will cover are:

  • Testing:  a little test about your Happiness’ level
  • Criteria:   what are the main factors how to optimize your business-life
  • Do it!  how you can integrate the happiness criteria in your work-life


What could be the alternative routes for your company
If you want to freshen your company. Because you want to optimize, or to renew it completely. This Inspiration Session contains the following elements:

  • Trend update:   a presentation of the newest trends and developments, and the latest innovations in society, technical and more
  • Habits and culture:  how to get rid off the old fashioned systems and habits in your business culture
  • Do it!  what do all these development and fresh views mean to you, and how to use it into your situation for a bright future

There are two session formats:
interactive workshop with a short presentation, statements and exercises. To make everyone conscious, show them different standpoints, and how to transform this into your own situation.
active presentation with fresh insights, and new ways that lead to Rome, with a little bit of humor