Whatever your situation is or what your goals are, there is always a solution. But you want a solution NOW and not in 6 months. My coaching is Quick & Clean. Meaning, no long analyses or difficult methods but intense communications in a short period of time, and direct feedback.


Find Balance and Direction in your Business-Life
Your personal life and your work life are connected. If you are working without energy, your results will slow down. If you have the feeling there is more to it than making money and are missing the purpose in your (work) life.

During the Business-Life coaching we will discuss you personal situation and your work status. Talking about topics like your goals, purpose, leadership, spirituality, your talents, emotional intelligence, health, energy, balance, work-performance, social connections.

The result of this program is you will have a plan for yourself which direction to go, feeling empowered, and work with good motivations.


Concept Development and Growth Strategy
If you have difficulties to choose a direction, or which actions to take for your business. When you’re stuck in a project, and need some fresh input to move things forward. Or want some craziness to innovate.

During the Business Innovation coaching we will analyze your business status and re-define your goals. We will discuss topics like how to make a difference, to find chances and opportunities, new business scenarios, innovative marketing, disruptive innovations.

As a result you will have a dot at the horizon for your company and a work plan how to get there.


We can collaborate in a way which is appropriate to your situation:

  • conversations can be in different languages: Dutch, English and German
  • the interactions can be face-2-face and via telephone / skype
  • meetings can be at your office, or in a nice remote Co-working location
  • different Coaching Methods depending on your whishes, situation and budget